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Clothing, Shoes and Hats, FBA head will choose YXL

Clothing, Shoes and Hats, FBA head will choose YXL-1

Miss Xie from Guangzhou is the e-commerce manager of a trading company specializing in the sale of sportswear, which focuses on the European and American markets. Recently, because the company attaches great importance to the operation of Amazon platform and takes into account the problem of operation cost, Miss Xie is very upset about the problem of FBA's first-trip logistics cost. As we all know that the logistics cost of FBA is really high, so we should be more cautious in choosing FBA forwarder to cooperate. Ms.Xie by comparison with online consultation to porsche express logistics is a specializes in sino-us FBA Head shipping international logistics company, so in simple online after consulting communication can produce a sense of trust, also made contact with Peggy Zhang may also express, through Peggy Zhang considerate service also understand FBA Head shipping is there are many channels of transport.

However, Miss Xie also has a large quantity of goods, which does not require a high time limit. In addition, for the consideration of logistics costs, Manager Zhang also provides a more advantageous transportation plans, providing the FBA shipping channel for YiXing clippers. Through mutual coordination, Ms.Xie soon give to the packing list and logistics basic information needed for Yixing Logisics, manager Zhang also arrange to give the right quotation and free pciking up service, all goods flow more smoothly, during YXL also give to the timely and efficient logistics information feedback, this let Ms.Xie feel security services, behind also continue to maintain harmonious relations of cooperation. So like as sportswear, shoes, hats and other clothing products to Amazon, FBA head to choose Yixing Global Logistics! We will choose the most suitable logistics transportation scheme for you, save unnecessary costs for you, reduce operating costs, and provide safe and guaranteed logistics services, escort for your cargo transportation.

Clothing, Shoes and Hats, FBA head will choose YXL-2
Clothing, Shoes and Hats, FBA head will choose YXL-3

Therefore, if you are a seller on Amazon, you need to choose the Chinese agent of FBA head transport, which can also provide you with picking up, sorting, labeling, return and change of labels, overseas warehouse and other services, we are YiXing Global Logistics.