By FBA air, the general operation mode is like this: the goods are ready -- the airline company books the space -- deliver the cargo to the warehouse, declare customs, clear customs, board the plane -- the destination airport -- customs clearance -- deliver the goods to the local express. Concentrate goods, goods are more, natural freight unit price is lower, so the collection goods here needs certain time, only the banker with strength can receive a large number of goods for a short time, need not wait for goods, affect prescription. If it is a big dealer will have a fixed flight, there is enough cargo to dare to cooperate with the airline company.

FBA air freight service refers to the service provided by Amazon FBA, including air freight, local customs clearance and delivery to the destination country, which is a trinity-one, delivery at any time and delivery at any time. The whole process includes tax to the door. The first delivery by air takes longer, usually about 8-15 days, so it is not suitable for delivering urgent goods.

Pros: The price is moderate, the timeliness is good, can enjoy Amazon's many benefits

Disadvantages: generally need to enter the reservation, the operation is more troublesome.