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Outdoors and Sporting Goods to Amazon, FBA Ocean Shipping Line

Outdoors and Sporting Goods to Amazon

Mr. Wang from Dongguan is the general manager of a company specializing in outdoor products. Due to the increasing competition in the real economy in recent years, Mr. Wang has long been optimistic about the market of Amazon platform, so he has been devoted to the business operation of Amazon platform in the past two years. Mr. Wang's company mainly focuses on the sales in European and American markets, because the sales volume of outdoor products in the United States is quite good. However, one of Wang Sheng's worries is that he has not found a suitable FBA logistics partner company. When Mr. Wang started to work on Amazon platform, he also chose Amazon's own logistics, and chose domestic spontaneous goods. Although he could completely control the logistics, the express delivery cost was too expensive and the time limit could not be guaranteed. Therefore, he learned that FBA has many advantages and characteristics, so Mr. Wang still felt that he had to find a reliable FBA forwarder to help him save the cost of FBA logistics. After comparing with several forwarders on the Internet, Mr. Wang found YiXing Global Logistics. Mr. Wang learned that the headquarters of YiXing is in Shenzhen, Guangdong, but it also has branches in Dongguan, so it is more convenient for him to visit the company on the spot. Through simple consultation and communication on the Internet, Mr. Wang and Ms.Zhang, manager of YXL logistics, had a simple understanding of some matters concerning the distribution of outdoor products on Amazon FBA. Moreover, Mr. Wang's products are large in quantity, so Ms.Zhang recommended that it is more appropriate to choose FBA by sea freight.

Although the time limit of FBA first sea transportation is relatively slow, the cost is much cheaper compared with air transportation and express delivery, and it is also the best logistics transportation plan for sellers with large quantity of goods. Including the sporting goods, such as Racquet, dumbbell, basketball, gloves, tape measure and other sports products.

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